College Planning Guide

Getting through high school and diving head first into college planning can leave you and your student scrambling for answers. Check out the CPC blog for guidance.

Scholarship Statistics for Student Athletes

Thanks to research from Ohio University we are able to share recent and relevant information with our students and parents ...
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The most confusing thing about the FAFSA

The high cost of attending college today makes financial aid unavoidable for most students.  This means dealing with the lengthy ...
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Eleven Misconceptions About Paying for College

It happens every year.  Parents are shocked that their student’s college didn’t award their student enough, or even any, financial ...
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CPC Offers Special Christmas Break Package for Juniors

PSAT Scores Will Be Released This Week! Need Help Analyzing the Results or Developing Your Plan? Special Christmas Break Package ...
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Understanding a school’s commitment to your major

Not all colleges that offer the same majors are the same in the strength of the program.  Use the list ...
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Why A Resource Center?

Some teenagers bloom later than others and we never know what will be their "ah ha" moment.  CPC's Resource Center ...
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Should You Get SAT Question and Answer Service for Score Verification?

CPC recommends students use the results of their first SAT to study for their second (or third) attempt. Question and ...
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Ten Mistakes That Could Cost You Financial Aid

The FAFSA and CSS profile are complicated financial forms but they are the ticket to receiving needed financial aid for ...
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The FAFSA and Work-Study Programs

One reason why students should complete the FAFSA even if they don’t think they’ll qualify for financial aid is that ...
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Mid Shore Community Foundation College Scholarships Available For Application

The online application is now available at the Mid Shore Community Foundation's website.   The Foundation administers a pooled scholarship program, ...
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