Optional Essay SAT

Essay Optional: Should I Register for this part of the SAT?

At CPC we recommend students sign up for the Essay Optional portion of the SAT test. Students have nothing to lose except 50 minutes of test time. The Essay Optional score is completely separate from the Reading/Writing score.

What do they have to gain?

Some colleges require the Essay Optional portion, while many colleges are leaving it up to the students as to whether or not they want to submit their score. Students should spend time with their college lists understanding what each college requires. If none of their colleges requires the Essay Optional portion, students can decide if they want to submit their essay score or not. If a student does well on the Essay Optional portion, he/she can submit that score to colleges, and it can only help. Another advantage to preparing for and taking the Essay Optional portion is that the preparation and the actual test will ultimately help students with the Reading/Writing sections on future tests.

In addition to our 10 small group sessions for reading/writing/math, CPC also provides two essay writing sessions to review the specifics of the Essay Optional portion, impart strategies for conquering the essay and provide activities to sharpen writing/analytical skills.

Students and parents can Click Here to inquire about CPC’s Test Prep solutions offering dedicated professionals and specialized resources to improve efficiencies, minimize stress and optimize each student’s educational choices.

College Placement Consulting offers comprehensive college planning services.  In helping to identify each student’s next best step in the college process, our goal at CPC is to eliminate stress, de-mystify the process, and internally motivate each student by using state of the art resources and top notch specialists.  If you are interested in learning more, you can schedule a consultation here or contact us at 410-822-4500 or info@teamcpc.com


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