Catholic Colleges & Universities – are they an option for my student?

In our work at College Placement Consulting,  Susan Patterson and I include Catholic Colleges and Universities on our students’ suggested college lists for a wide variety of reasons.


Frequently a Catholic College or University will check many of the boxes for a student’s key college criteria – preferred location, majors offered, excellent education, campus environment, affordability, class sizes, teacher accessibility, athletics, allowing students to continue their faith formation and more.


On March 15th at 6:30 at Saints Peter & Paul School Cafeteria we will be sharing our experiences to help interested parents and students (Catholic and non-Catholic)  consider if a Catholic College or University is right for them.


  • What Makes a Catholic College Different?
  • Is a Catholic College Affordable?
  • How is a Catholic College Different than a Catholic High School?
  • What if I am not Catholic, will I fit in and be welcome?
  • What is the difference between a Catholic & Christian College?
  • What are Newman Centers at Public Colleges?


Join us for 60 minutes (or longer if you would like some additional free college guidance after the session), you won’t be bored!  Susan Patterson has over 25 years of college guidance experience as the prior principal of Saints Peter & Paul High School and the founder of College Placement Consulting.  She is always entertaining and informative.


Click Here to register for our event – not required but helpful.  You can also contact us with any questions if you are unable to attend.  We hope to see you March 15th!

Betsy Greaney
Betsy loves data and how using information and technology can help a student understand his/her key college criteria and provide him/her the confidence and motivation to stretch beyond original ...
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