Freshman College Planning Package | Start Off Right


Look ahead! It is never too early to begin planning for college. Our College Prep counselors help to outline goals and build a roadmap for success! Do you want to go to a four-year college, community college or a tech school? Your counselor will meet with you over the course of your freshman year to ensure the courses you are taking meet the requirement for your goal. He/she will provide organizational tips, study skills and recommendations on how to get involved. You will also be given tools to take a break from your computer and phone and begin to expand your vocabulary and read. We will also begin the conversation of college costs, funding options. Grab a session and let’s get started!

Sophomore College Planning Package | You’re On Your Way


You and your counselor will review your class plan and make sure you will meet high school and college requirements as well as consider challenging courses. Collaborating as a team you will keep examples of your best writing. Artists will begin their portfolio and student-athletes will start collecting videos of highlights. Study and time management skills are reviewed and re-examined. Additionally, you will be encouraged to try new activities and begin to take up leadership positions within clubs and organizations. Sophomores will take diagnostic ACT and/or SAT tests to start preparing and develop an indicator of how they might perform and begin researching colleges.

Upperclassman College Planning Package | Nearly There


Whether you are a planner or procrastinator we are here to support during the next 2 years. Using our college planning curriculum, we help you set a path for your future discussing careers. majors, suggested college lists, Test prep, academic review, resumes, interviews, financial aid, scholarship plans, essays, the entire applications process and review of financial offers. Personalized attention helps us understand who you are, what you love and recommend careers, majors, and colleges proven to be successful. Students who choose our ” Nearly¬†There” package will have access to:

  • Self Assessments
  • Academic Readiness
  • SAT/ACT Tests
  • College Search
  • Successful Essays
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarship Search
  • Communications & Resume
  • Applications and Decisions

Let’s get started.


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