SAT & ACT Prep Course


Self-paced SAT Test Prep Course with online and face to face instruction.

Designed to prepare for the upcoming SAT’s & ACT’s


All SAT / ACT Prep Courses include 10 sessions. Please check your email for your unique purchase code.This code will give you access to our scheduling calendar. 


 At CPC we have designed our test prep program to internally motivate students to want to study and boost their confidence for test day. Face to face instruction, cutting-edge digital tools, customized study halls and flexible schedules all contribute to a proven methodology of test > grade > review > repeat.

CPC’s Test Prep recognizes the urgency in preparing for these tests and includes:
  • ACT and SAT diagnostic test – including advice on best test type for student
  • Online Test Prep – 60-day self-paced test prep package customized with instructional videos & access to CPC instructor content
  • Up to 5 Simulated Tests – the best way to improve test scores is to take tests
  • Face to Face Instruction – Instructors offer office hours posted online for students to access. Each student receives up to 10 instruction sessions in small groups of no more than 4 students – have your child pick a study group of friends to motivate each other.
  • College Readiness Review – Current test scores reviewed and mapped to determine the probability of acceptance or merit aid on student’s college wish list.
  • “My CPC” Account provides student one user/login experience for all college readiness, research, planning and application processes.


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