Upperclassman College Planning Package | Nearly There


Whether you are a planner or procrastinator we are here to support during the next 2 years. Using our college planning curriculum, we help you set a path for your future discussing careers. majors, suggested college lists, Test prep, academic review, resumes, interviews, financial aid, scholarship plans, essays, the entire applications process and review of financial offers. Personalized attention helps us understand who you are, what you love and recommend careers, majors, and colleges proven to be successful. Students who choose our ” Nearly There” package will have access to:

  • Self Assessments
  • Academic Readiness
  • SAT/ACT Tests
  • College Search
  • Successful Essays
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarship Search
  • Communications & Resume
  • Applications and Decisions

Let’s get started.



We have added a learning resource center to support all of our juniors and seniors!

Click here to learn what that means for our upperclassmen college planning students, or contact us with your questions!

Package Goals:

  • Review underclassman year accomplishments and address potential gaps
  • Review, reassess or develop a college planning timetable and organizational strategies
  • Begin or continue test prep work and develop timeline
  • Complete self-assessments and discuss factors important to choosing a college
  • Develop initial suggested college list and college visit schedules
  • Answer questions about application submission process and develop application deadline list
  • Set Goals for Summer between Junior and Senior year
  • Develop a resume, college essay, college application timeline and financial aid/scholarship plan.
  • Discuss process to be followed in working on and completing applications and essays
  • Discuss and refine college list
  • Confirm application list includes appropriate admission probability schools
  • Develop supplemental essay process
  • Parent support meeting re: cost/finances
  • Discuss final choice, readdressing criteria, final college visits, how to handle financial aid offers and other related issues
  • Success in college issues discussed including student concerns, how to choose freshman classes, understanding core curriculum
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