Why good grades don’t pay for college

Using data to set parent and student expectations upfront is vital to the college planning process.  That is why at CPC before creating any suggested college list we meet with the parents to review the FAFSA, their expected financial contribution and a range of acceptable college costs to include savings, cash payments, and loans.
Parents are often surprised at the money that can be made available to students with financial aid and merit, but only if the parent is realistic re their student’s academic achievements and list of schools.
I love this blog from DYI College Rankings which provides a realistic view of merit giving
  • Private Scholarships Don’t Pay For College – “Most private scholarship awards are only in $500 to $1,000 range. This means that students would have to apply for 50 – 100 scholarships to win at least 5 to 10 and start making a dent in the tuition for just your public state universities.”
  • Your student’s test scores may be great but they have to be substantially better than the majority of the students at that school –  “While a student’s grades may be good enough to get her into the big pond, they aren’t going to cause her to stand out among all the other fish going to the big pond”
  • Only applying to schools in the Top 50 of US News Best College Rankings will most likely not present merit – “Even if your teen is in the top 25% of academic qualifications, he’s not likely to get a scholarship. The reason is simple, he can easily be replaced with another student just as qualified.”

Using designated professionals and specialized resources we help parents and students set expectations early in a student’s high school years as to what type of grades and test scores will help them afford college and where to look for the best deals.

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Betsy Greaney
Betsy loves data and how using information and technology can help a student understand his/her key college criteria and provide him/her the confidence and motivation to stretch beyond original ...
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