What We Do

We work as a team to motivate your student to succeed. With 20 years experience, our online student accounts and customized digital tools keep students engaged and parents informed. We work to boost confidence, discover passions and match students to the best careers, majors, and colleges for their futures.

College Planning

College Planner Book

Is your student struggling with how to get started planning for his/her college future? Getting started early and making good first choices based on students’ skills and interests can help save time and money. Our program is designed to set the stage for positive college experiences. We combine cutting-edge digital tools with personal guidance, backed by 20 years of college planning expertise. Don’t worry mom and dad, we are standing by to support your student and you in the college search and selection process.

SAT | ACT Prep Course


Are you finding it difficult to find a flexible college test prep program to fit your child’s student’s  busy schedule? The best test programs offer personalized, face-to-face learning that identifies and corrects knowledge gaps across subject areas so that students feel confident, prepared and can reach their maximum score. Our instructors monitor student progress with weekly self-paced customized study halls and use that information to leverage results in small group sessions. We also show students how their current GPA and test scores impact admission decisions.

1:1 Tutoring

Chalkboard, tutoring

Is your child’s GPA in need of a boost? The freshman and sophomore year GPA can represent up to 67% of a student’s early decision transcript. Whether your child needs support with math, science, reading, writing, or organizational strategies, we can identify any learning gaps and boost confidence. Through our flexible online scheduling system, you can either reserve a block of tutoring sessions or simply grab what is needed prior to a test, quiz or paper. We are an added support to help your student reach his/her educational goals.

Tools & Resources

College Planning Portal | TEST | SAT ACT TEST PREP Portale | MOBILE | COLLEGE PLANNING
  • College Planning Chat & Messaging
  • Documents and File Organizer
  • Online “To Do” Lists with Text Notifications
  • Online Scheduler with Text and Email Reminders
  • Student Assessments
    • Career
    • Multiple Intelligences
    • Learning Style
    • Key College Criteria
    • Student Persona
  • Essay Feedback Specialists
  • Application Essay Organizer
  • Essay Brainstorming Content Tools
  • Customized Test Prep Study Halls and Exams
  • Admissions Probability Mapping Tools
  • College List Organizer and Research
  • Application Outline Tracker
  • College Comparison Report(s) – Financial and College Profile
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