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Summer Tutoring: Is it Necessary? Maybe, Maybe Not

What???? Summer Tutoring??

As the last days of school prove hectic almost all parents exhale stating summer should be a special time to drop the hectic schedules, sit by the pool and decompress – sounds good to us! Who wants to think about school, let alone summer tutoring!

Except for the fact that we parents sometimes can’t help ourselves and as mid-June rolls around the worrying creeps in…
  • “Is there something else we need to be doing this summer so that they’re better prepared for next year?”
  • “My child never reads on his/her own”
  • “I hate perpetually nagging my children to do their summer work”

Studies show that students who don’t practice their academics over the summer fall 2.5 months behind their peers, and that students who have a tutor during the summer are more likely to succeed in college than those who don’t.

But that rule of thumb may or may not apply to your child.  Some students are better off using the summer to relax and rest, with only a quick boost of summer tutoring in August before school begins.

Here’s how to tell if your student needs summer tutoring:

(compliments of Ann Dolin of Educational Connections Inc.)

No need for a summer tutor Consider getting a summer tutor
Kids working above grade level and have mastery over the content areas.
In other words, your child is achieving mostly A’s and is independent during homework time.
Also, their grades are the result of their own achievement (not the result of your or a tutor’s help).
Students who are shaky in any given subject…
…especially one that’s cumulative where one skill builds upon another, such as math, math-based science, foreign languages, reading or writing.
A summer review can be a game changer for these kids when the instruction is two-fold. First, a good review of any weak areas helps kids create a solid foundation in the skills that are they need to build upon. Second, taking the latter part of the summer to preview what they’ll see in the coming year helps build confidence and motivation.
Students working above grade level, even if they’re a little disorganized and tend to procrastinate.
Students that have difficulty with staying organized and focused, but are achieving A’s without outside support do not need tutoring over the summer.
These students do well in the fall with an educational coach to support their organization, time management, and study skills, but this isn’t necessary for the summer. These skills are best learned within the context of school work.
Kids who have good grades in a particular subject, but it’s not their natural strength.
For example, perhaps your son or daughter has an A or B in English, aren’t a particularly good writer, but they are taking an Honors class in the coming year…
In these cases, students are well served by improving their skills over the summer so they are ready for the rigors of advanced classes.
Kids that are achieving high grades and are anxious.
Most often, these students need downtime to recharge.
If they’re slightly weak in a subject, say math, for example, they do well reviewing the curriculum in August so that they feel comfortable and confident in the fall. They do not need tons of tutoring throughout the summer.
Kids who have assigned summer work (math packets, books to read or essays to write) and have the habit of waiting until the last-minute to start.
If you have a kid who has waited until mid-August in past summers to even think about summer work, consider getting help.
An educational coach can help him or her to plan out these assignments and practice time management skills to get the work done on time, or even early.
Students going into middle school or high school.
Far and away, we get the most calls in late fall from parents of kids who are new to middle or high school (typically grades 6 or 7 and 9). By November, it’s become clear that the change is far more challenging than kids expected, and their study skills and grades could be better.
I’ve found that when these students have the opportunity to set up some organization systems, preview content of upcoming classes, and review any required summer work, they have a leg up come the first day of school. With continued support from the first quarter, they’re off to a great start, which is what every kid needs in a new school.

Taking the time to understand where your son or daughter is academically in this way, can make a big difference not only in how well they start off next year, but how much they get out of their summer break as well.  We are standing by to support if a need exists for summer tutoring.

College Placement Consulting offers comprehensive college planning services.  In helping to identify each student’s next best step in the college process, our goal at CPC is to eliminate stress, de-mystify the process, and internally motivate each student by using state of the art resources and top notch specialists.  If you are interested in learning more, you can schedule a consultation here or contact us at 410-822-4500 or


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What???? Summer Tutoring?? As the last days of school prove hectic almost all parents exhale stating summer should be a special time to drop the hectic schedules, sit by the ...
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