Why A Resource Center?

Some teenagers bloom later than others and we never know what will be their “ah ha” moment.  CPC’s Resource Center provides students the “educational guardrails” to understand a path, keep on track and allows designated professionals to reinforce the parental viewpoint of the importance of grades.

Resource Center


What High School Students Think

When You Tell Them They Have To Increase Their GPA

  • “If I knew how to do that I would have already”
  • “It is difficult enough to remember bringing home my assignments let alone focusing on college”
  • “Bringing up my GPA is an overwhelming task, I don’t think I can do it”
  • “I’ll worry about that my junior or senior year”

CPC’s Resource Center Is To A GPA What Test Prep Is To Test Scores

Using Designated Professionals and Customized Resources

  • Understanding each student’s learning style, personality type, and natural intelligence.
  • Revealing how and where students will be most successful
  • Showing students how to move the needle
  • Leveraging existing and introducing new resources
  • Providing 1:1 support on an as need basis
    • Math – Algebra 1, 2, Geometry, Pre-Calc and Calc
    • Science – Physics, Chemistry
    • English – Reading/Writing; Grammarly Pro Suite
    • History
    • Study Skills & Exam Prep
  • Learning to self-advocate and use resources prior to freshman year in college
Betsy Greaney
Betsy loves data and how using information and technology can help a student understand his/her key college criteria and provide him/her the confidence and motivation to stretch beyond original ...
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