Let Us Guide You!

Optimizing students’ educational choices.

Dedicated Professionals

We love what we do. Our team members collaborate and take the time to understand each student’s unique persona – who they are, what they love, and how they learn.

Specialized Resources

Our staff leverages specialized resources like self-assessments, college planning curriculum, and customized test prep tools, to create personalized strategies for each student’s success.

Improve Efficiencies

We know parents and students are busy. Our customized digital tools – flexible appointment calendars, on-demand research and learning tools, and online chat keep things moving ahead.

Minimize Stress

Over 60% of today’s students do not graduate in four years, causing financial and emotional stress. We know the schools, understand standardized tests, and can prepare students for success.

Next Registration Deadline for wINTER SAT Prep Class is December 30th!


It’s not just about knowing what’s on the test; it’s about knowing how to take the test!

How can you do your best on Test Day? After almost 18 years of helping students prepare for entrance exams, we’ve learned that test prep courses are the single most efficient and cost-effective way to boost your confidence and improve your score on the ACT or SAT.


We pride ourselves on finding the right College for each kid!
We have placed local High School graduates in schools small and large, from coast to coast.
With our 100% placement rate, where will you land?!

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Congratulations! You are embarking on an exciting journey of college planning. Over the course of your High School career, whether a freshman or senior you will have the opportunity to explore all of the aspects of preparing and applying to college and we are here to support! You will gain valuable organizational skills and increased confidence in your future plans. Ultimately you will use this knowledge to forge a path that best fits your individual needs and goals.
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